Ti Goave Festival Chaos


Yeswa anpil miziyen soti nan bouch lanmo nan festival ki tap fet Ti Goave la. Nan Festival sa te gen Carimi , Djakout #1, Kreyol La Gabel ak anpil lot djazz lokal ki te dwe patisipe nan festival la.
Dapre sa nou apran’n te gen yon gwo batay antre la Polis ki te la pou bay sekirite ak pep la ki te fe deplasman pou te vinn pran ti plezi yo.

Karizma Anounced Today the Title of Its Upcoming Album


(NEW YORK, NY August 4th 2014) Team Karizma announced today the name and upcoming release date of its highly-anticipated new album. Karizma’s 2nd studio album has been officially named “VIRUS” The full-length recording comprises thirteen new tracks featuring production from various top HMI producers as well as team Karizma. The album is currently in the studio receiving some final touches and will be released and available in hard copy Fall of 2014.



WOODY 1ST KLASS, who is the producer of the ANBYANS debut, as well as very close to the group in their business affairs, broke it down to us like this in terms of the news out of Haiti regarding ANBYANS splitting in 2 camps ANBYANS “Tet DWAT” and ANBYANS “Vakan”.

Maestro Ralph Menelas Out of Le Konpa Line Up


Artist running for office in Haiti has become the new trend of the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) nowadays. President Michel Martelly and Gracia Delva has become the envy of a lot of HMI musicians since winning office on the first try. HMI musicians are more into playing politics than making music these days. The latest musician the political bug has bitten is non other than Ralph Menelas of the new band Le Konpa.



The new album the Gabel is officially out as scheduled. Below are the titles of the songs that is featured on the Album.
The band also released a new music video for the song “ANYIN PA ETERNEL”. The Album is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE.

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